How much will Bitcoin rise in price? Forecast for 2022 – 2025

If you had in mind to sell your bitcoins now that it is around 40,000 dollars per token, many specialists recommend that you do not do it. It may seem that it is at a great price considering that just two years ago it cost only $3,000 – it was just in March 2020 when its last bullish stage began – but the truth is that Bitcoin seems to have established a new minimum floor slightly by above $30,000, so $40,000 is simply a starting point for the new bullish period that will begin hereafter.

It is very important to note that Bitcoin bull runs tend to last approximately two years. We experienced it during the great bull run of 2017 and 2018 – known as the ICO boom – and again during the bull run of 2020 and 2021, coinciding with the toughest months of the global pandemic. Due to the enormous interest that cryptocurrencies have generated during this time and the millions of investors who have entered the market to stay in it, Bitcoin is shortening its terms and preparing for a new bullish period that may be even more profitable and longer than the above.

Let’s first look at the predictions for Bitcoin, and then move on to analyze the reasons behind these predictions.

Bitcoin price prediction for 2022
Having fallen back from $65,000 to $35,000 in recent months, Bitcoin is poised to make another jump in 2022 and break past its previous all-time highs again. In this way, the price of Bitcoin in 2022 can leave behind the 65,000 dollars of the previous all-time high and rise above 80,000 dollars per token, always aspiring to overcome the emblematic barrier of 100,000, around which it would occur again. a very pronounced correction.

Bitcoin price prediction for 2025
After the expected correction around $100,000 per token, Bitcoin – like the entire cryptocurrency market in general – is expected to resume its upward path to extend the market boom and continue to develop its full potential. It must be remembered that Bitcoin has a medium-term horizon that is around one million dollars per token, so between 2023 and 2025 it is expected that Bitcoin will manage to make at least half of the journey, approaching half a million dollars per token. token by the end of 2025.

The barrier of $100,000 per token is closer than it seems
It only took about a year for Bitcoin to go from a value of $3,000 per token to a value of $60,000 in the last bull run. This represented an increase in value of more than 20x, and highlights the enormous potential that Bitcoin has to continue with an exponential growth that allows its investors to enjoy truly astronomical benefits in this new period of the market.

While a few years ago the horizon of $100,000 per token was considered an almost utopian goal, during the previous bull run it was seriously on the table when Bitcoin was heading towards $65,000 per token. So in a new bullish stage the $100,000 per token can be easily surpassed in the early stages of the Bitcoin price rise, which can reach well over half a million dollars.

Altcoins like Lucky Block aim to be the protagonists in 2022 – 2025

During each big bull run, the cryptocurrency market has been adding new features and considerably improving the capacity of its platforms and projects. While a few years ago investors were satisfied with simply buying a couple of cryptocurrencies and having them in their portfolio for several years to sell them after that time, today the ways to earn money with the best cryptocurrencies to invest go much further and allow multiply the profitability levels of the past.

That is why for the next three years, investors are betting on cryptocurrencies that have the greatest potential to generate profits beyond their increase in market value. Cryptocurrencies such as Lucky Block aim to be the great unicorns for 2022 – 2025, since with them it is possible to earn money also from the operation of the cryptocurrency itself, which means that the prospects for the increase in value of Lucky Block far exceed those of traditional reference cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Is a Bitcoin above $500,000 possible?
During the next three years, Bitcoin has everything ready to lead the market to a new bullish stage in which the price of the star cryptocurrency can easily exceed half a million dollars. This is an amount that many people without experience in the cryptocurrency market may consider really high, but it is enough to have a little perspective to see that Bitcoin has always been able to go far beyond the expectations generated around its route.

Just two years ago, when Bitcoin cost just $3,000, there were many voices that even doubted the viability of cryptocurrencies as a whole, and different doomsayers claimed that the previous bullish period of 2017-2018 had been the last whiplash of the cryptocurrencies. cryptocurrencies. A few months later, Bitcoin exceeds 60,000 dollars, breaking historical records and increasing in price by 20x.

In this new bullish period, if Bitcoin manages to increase its price by 20x again, as it has done numerous times in the past, the value of a Bitcoin could easily exceed $800,000 per token, an amount well above the half a million dollars and that would leave the potential price of Bitcoin very close to the million mark, the figure that many specialists place as a reference for the end of the Bitcoin era and the beginning of the Ethereum era.