The threat of contact with extraterrestrial civilization has been refuted

Philosopher Stephen Firth of the University of Helsinki has rejected the idea that contact with aliens necessarily poses a threat to humans. According to its findings, published in the journal Space Policy, a win-win cooperation scenario is more likely. Read more in full version ➞It is believed that due to the great distance between stars, the first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization will most likely be through radio signals, and communication information can take years, even decades. Under these conditions, game theory constitutes a suitable approach to study the consequences of such exposure. According to the Schelling Dilemma, also known as the Hobbesian Trap, a preemptive strike against a stranger with unknown motives is the most optimal risk mitigation strategy. In this case, mutual distrust and fear force us to refuse a cooperative option that is beneficial to both sides. Schelling’s dilemma demonstrates that contact between extraterrestrial civilizations is more likely to lead to conflict than peaceful coexistence. This has also been proposed as an explanation for the Fermi paradox.