The enigma of the satellite galaxies of the Milky Way finally solved according to science

If you’ve asked Santa for a telescope, this one might come in handy! In fact, astronomers have apparently finally resolved a question that has lingered for 50 years, about our galaxy and the few neighbors that revolve around our system. It’s up to you to check it out! To read later BranFollow astronomy Follow astronomy This enigma was so complex that it even called into question certain theories of astronomical physics. This cosmological model, which seeks to explain how the universe took on the appearance it currently has, had therefore fallen on a bone, now solved by our humble researchers. A rotation plan issue called “satellite map”.

What has concerned scientists for so long is the question of the arrangement of the galaxies around us. Its location, located on an extremely thin plane, does not match any other observable example in the cosmos. The joint work of many researchers was necessary to solve the puzzle of their alignment. For the occasion, it was the universities of Durham in the United Kingdom and Helsinki in Finland that made this discovery possible. A model found nowhere else The results, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, first point out the first inconsistency: There is no physical mechanism that induces an alignment of our satellite galaxies in the same plane. Yet that is what is happening. Plus, these systems are placed in a perfectly aligned framework, the mystery deepens.