Scientists have found a new world the size of Earth

This fascinating discovery is said to be the closest world to our solar system, rivaling our own planet in size.

Astronomers describe the exoplanet LTT 1445 Ac. It is only 22 light years away. According to cosmic standards, this is not yet the case, writes Science Alert. The properties of LTT 1445 Ac suggest two things. It is a rocky exoplanet and is very similar in size and composition to Earth. Its mass is 1.37 times the mass of Earth and its radius is 1.07 times her size. The density of the world is 5.9 grams per cubic centimeter, while the indicator of this parameter for the Earth is 5.51.

LTT 1445 Ac is in an unusual system. The star it orbits is one of three that are held together by gravity. It is a small, dim red dwarf star, slightly cooler than the Sun. This exoplanet has an orbital period of just 3.12 days. As LTT 1445 Ac approaches the star, its temperature is affected. The hot planet warms up to 260 degrees Celsius.