Football field-sized asteroid heading near Earth, but we’ll be fine

However, the event does not pose any threat of collision with our planet.

An asteroid between 67 and 150 meters in diameter will pass relatively close to Earth on February 8, according to data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Thus, the space object, called 2007 UY1, will approach a distance of more than five million kilometers, which is equivalent to about 14 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Although it seems huge, the distance is not that great in spatial dimensions.

The asteroid could be compared in size to a Boeing 747, whose wingspan is about 60 meters, or to a football field, which is up to 120 meters long. However, its approach does not pose any threat of collision with our planet.

Due to the orbit of the asteroid, new encounters with this celestial body are expected in the future, but the distances that will separate it from Earth could differ on the following occasions.

On the other hand, last Sunday, The Virtual Telescope Project managed to photograph asteroid 2001 CB21, a celestial body classified as “potentially dangerous” that will pass close to Earth on March 4. This rock with a diameter of 1.3 kilometers will come within 4.5 million kilometers of our planet.

According to astronomers’ calculations, there is no warning of a collision that poses a danger to life on Earth, at least for the next hundred years. In fact, the improbability of the impact of any asteroid, except for two with diameters of 8 and 7 meters, exceeds 99%, in the hypothetical case that space throws us some unpleasant surprise. In the case of the two mentioned asteroids, the possibility that they do not impact our planet is 98% and 95%, respectively.