Astronomers: Life may exist on the dwarf planet Ceres

According to American scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, extraterrestrial life could potentially exist on the dwarf planet Ceres, whose orbit is located between Mars and Jupiter.

Long after an Italian astronomer discovered the star in the early 19th century, Ceres was classified as an asteroid, and it was not until 2006 that it was classified as a planet. dwarf of the solar system. Unlike the Ceres-ringed asteroids, it has a regular spherical shape and a diameter of about 950 km, making it the largest object among space debris. Until 2015, scientists could assess the composition and surface area of ​​a dwarf planet based solely on information obtained through observations with powerful telescopes. However, later, the Down probe launched by NASA entered Ceres’ orbit and took the first close-up photos of the planet.

Examining the materials transmitted by the satellite, scientists came to the conclusion that on the surface of Ceres there is not only water ice, but also complex organic compounds, perhaps caused by meteorite impacts. And the presence of water and organic matter was a key factor in the origin of life.