A powerful beam of light bearing the name of “God” “sent a signal” from space

Scientists at the Telescope Array have discovered the second largest cosmic ray in history. Scientists from the Telescope Array project have discovered powerful cosmic rays of unknown origin. This was reported on the University of Utah website. Experts conducted studies to determine the trajectories of the new particles that make up the beam. However, it has not been possible to identify a source with energy levels high enough for production. “We can’t identify anything with enough energy levels to produce it. That’s the mystery — what the hell is going on?” — one of the scientists asked himself.

As announced by the university, the “fly’s eye” experiment was carried out in 1991 using a telescope grid with an area of ​​700 square meters. km, scientists have successfully recorded the most powerful cosmic rays ever observed. The particle was then given the name “Oh my God.” According to astrophysicists, there is nothing in our galaxy that would generate such a flow of force. In this case, the energy of the particles was higher than theoretically possible. Thirty years later, in 2021, scientists from the Telescope Array project achieved the second strongest stream of cosmic rays. According to an article published in November of this year, the particle was named “Amaterasu.” Experts believe that they can follow the laws of elementary particles, which are unknown to science.

source: https://attheu.utah.edu/facultystaff/cosmic-ray-2023/