What is the future of humanity? Physicist Michio Kaku’s prediction

If you wanted to know what the future of humanity will be like… who would you ask? Some will trust seers, others will ask sorcerers, and some will stick to religion. On this occasion, we would like to propose something different to you. Even if it is for a few minutes, we are going to immerse ourselves in the thought of the physicist Michio Kaku and glimpse the future of humanity from science.

Recognized for a long career in physics, a contributor to string theory and a great fan of research into Einstein’s theory of relativity, Michio Kaku presented a possible future for human beings.

However, this theory is not born from a hunch and much less from a vision. For Kaku it is important to determine a possible future from the perceptible advances of the current world. Based on this belief, he made three predictions about the future.

Today’s advances in space exploration signal to Michio Kaku that things could be more spacey in the future. The vastness of space could be getting closer to us, so much so that it could be part of the routine.

Also, he believes that one day a terrible catastrophe may take place on Earth and people will need another home. Humanity is in search of a suitable planet to live on as soon as possible and this is confirmed by recent explorations on Mars and life experiments on other planets.

It is not a doubt that the human being is looking to automate everything possible. Cars, televisions, industry and soon the brain itself. The capabilities of the human mind are infinite and today we occupy a perhaps minimal percentage of our abilities. From Kaku’s point of view, the human being will look for new technologies to boost the brain. For example, it will be possible to connect the mind to a computer or share our thoughts through internet signals.

Artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds in order to offer a better future. It is possible that in a few years people will be able to cure cancer through a chip or modify DNA to prevent diseases. Professor Kaku even considers that the medicine could be non-invasive. Every day technology grows in order to create the least impact and cure any condition faster.

These are the main theories and predictions of Michio Kaku. Although they are not exactly stories about natural phenomena or the balance of cosmic energy, they also count as a valuable approach towards the transformation that we could live in a few years. We cannot know exactly what the future of humanity will be like, but it is a fact that our actions and interests today define tomorrow.