What is the future of architecture?

The best architectural and design projects in the world have received, since 2015, the award of the Prix Versailles, in which the most outstanding creations of daily constructions, interior and exterior, that serve to beautify and improve the environment, combining culture ( beauty and creativity) and business (functionalism and immediacy), in addition to promoting sustainable architecture, not only economically, but in fields as varied as education, sports and tourism. They are the architecture of the future.

This year 70 continental projects were selected in the sections of: stores and shops, shopping centers, restaurants, airports, campuses, passenger stations, sports and hotels, among the latter is the only hotel in the world that can affirm that both its exterior and interiors were designed by the late Zaha Hadid.

The judges’ criteria encompass innovation, creativity, reflection of local, natural and cultural heritage, and ecological efficiency, as well as the values ​​of social interaction and participation. Of all of them, finally, the three best projects in each of those eight categories were chosen, and they were announced last December.

They are absolutely fascinating buildings that leave us speechless, and are the fruit of the imagination of great creators who do not hesitate to make their dreams come true. They are not only useful for their functionality, they are also pieces that will last over time to be admired.