This is expected from Apple’s spring 2022 event

When is the next big Apple event?
Although Apple has yet to announce when it plans to hold its first big event of 2022, rumors say it could be sometime in March or April. It will probably be a virtual event, in which Apple could announce the new products that it plans to launch in the near future. Everything points to the arrival of the third generation of the iPhone SE, the iPad Air 5 and the new generation of the iPad Pro.

Apple typically holds three to four events each year, including a spring event. While the launch of the new iPhone takes place in September, the October event is reserved mainly for Macs. Without a doubt, an event in the spring does not have as much impact as the one in September, but it is still important for Apple from the point of view of from the perspective of strategy.

iPhone SE 3: New from the Apple event
The most relevant announcement expected at the next Apple event is the launch of the third generation iPhone SE. The iPhone SE 2 was actually announced way back in 2020, but last year Apple decided not to release a version. Various reports have claimed that Apple is working on two different iPhone SE models, one with the iPhone 8-like design and updated internals and the other a little more advanced and with a new design.

However, the 2022 iPhone model is said to feature an LCD screen, 5G support and FaceID. This is the model that will most likely be released in March or April. The iPhone SE has gained considerable popularity in markets like India, thanks to its affordable price. For this reason, Apple will continue to maintain the formula to keep devices like the iPhone SE alive. Read our review of the iPhone SE 2020.

iPad Air 5: Another Apple Release
There are many reasons for Apple to launch the new generation of iPad Air in 2022. Not least because the redesigned iPad Air, which debuted in late 2020, turned out to be a hit. So it’s possible that Apple will launch the iPad Air at its upcoming spring event. With this, the A15 Bionic processor would make the next iPad Air as powerful as the iPad mini 6 in terms of performance.

Also, there is talk of the integration of 5G in the iPad Air, although for now it is just a rumor. Since, it is not yet known if there will be an Apple spring event. Nonetheless, the launch of an iPad Air 5 would be a huge success.

iPad Pro: Product to announce at the Apple event
Last year’s iPad Pro with the M1 chip was incredibly powerful. But, developers were unable to take advantage of desktop-class performance by developing “pro” applications. The new iPad Pro is expected this year, it may be powered by the M1 Pro processor or the unannounced M2 chip. According to a report, the next iPad Pro could have a new design and wireless charging support.

Apple could use this opportunity to refresh its Mac computers, including the Mac mini. As early as 2022, Apple updated the Mac mini with the M1 processor. Now that Apple has already revealed the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, we should expect a faster Mac mini.

The iPhone maker has reportedly been working on a powerful Mac mini with a new design for some time. The new Mac mini is likely to feature a new power cable from the iMac M1 and a plexiglass-like texture on top.