This awesome Blue Mycean Mushroom

Mycena interrupta is a species of small basidiomycete fungus of the genus Mycenas, of the order Agaricales and of the family Mycenaceae, popularly known as the pixie umbrella.

Mycena interrupta is found in almost all of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Chile and Queensland where its distribution is limited to Lamington National Park.

These small mushrooms stand out for the bright blue color of their hat, which is shaped like an umbrella and has a width that varies between 6 and 20 mm, being sticky in mature specimens due to a kind of stifle that it detaches.

Their height can vary between 10 and 24 mm, their stipe or stem is smooth, white in color, the base is joined by a flat white disk with a blue margin, they lack a partial and universal veil, their gills are white and are closely attached to the stem with blue margins and their spores are white and ellipsoid.
These fungi grow among the debris of branches, leaves or trunks of eucalyptus or beech, being able to find them both individually, in groups of several Mycenas interruptas, these fungi have the ability to adhere their base to wood or wood substrate.

The Mycena interrupta is primarily spherical in shape, being when it grows when it takes its shape so characteristic of an umbrella, it is common to see them grow in areas covered with moss. It is the only Mycena that has its hat colored blue and, unlike other mushrooms of its genus, it is not bioluminescent.

Mycenaceae is a family of fungi, of the order Agaricales, within this family we can find 11 different genera, which have 705 species of fungi, which are distributed throughout practically the whole world.