They catch a UFO entering the Moon underground

Google Earth revealed the location coordinates of the entrance that looks like a dark rectangle on the Moon.

According to scientists specialized in the investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) we would be very close to knowing if there is extraterrestrial life in our Solar System, this because they claim to have found an alien underground door on the Moon.

Supposedly, in some photos taken during the Apollo 15 mission it is easy to notice that the UFO on the lunar surface has a rectangular shape too perfect to be of natural origin.

Based on information from Hidden World, the images were documented and processed by UFO researcher, Scott Waring, and show the mysterious entrance of an underground alien base, therefore, the entrance to the base is located inside the Bancroft crater, southwest of the Archimedean Mountains in the Imbrium Sea.

The door looks like a dark rectangle and, captured through Google Earth, appears at the coordinates: 27°54’52.71″N 6°23’23.82″W

“This image represents the entrance to an underground alien base, visible from the shadow of the crater. This means that the image was left there specifically to be viewed in daylight, to let in and out of small alien ships. A similar entry was seen on Google Mars and it was 160 meters in diameter,” Scott said.

As for the artificial structures identified with Google Mars, according to alien and UFO hunters, these may have been built by alien races who want to hide their presence on Mars.

The Moon and Mars colonized by aliens?

Various UFO researchers claim that the Moon and Mars were colonized in the past by the same alien species that traveled in space.

Furthermore, researchers have claimed that the numerical inscriptions were made by aliens who built the identical structures of alien bases on Mars and the Moon.

However, the other version – that of the skeptics – assures that there are no alien underground bases on the Moon._