Roswell, the UFO capital, where a mysterious metal object fell in 1947

Humans have always wondered what is in space and this is why thousands of stories of alien sightings and spacecraft have been created. In the book ‘The Roswell Incident’, written by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore, the rumor of a UFO crash in the New Mexico desert in July 1947 is resurrected.

In 1950, ‘Variety’ magazine columnist Fran Scully published a story in which she said that the US government had recovered 34 alien bodies from three crashed ships in New Mexico and Arizona.

Although at first no one believed that story, with the book witnesses and evidence of what happened were revealed that make people doubt what really happened.

The book tells how on the night of July 2, 1947, between 9:45 and 9:50 p.m. m. An unidentified craft passed at high speed over the city of Roswell in New Mexico.

At that time the ship was involved in an electrical storm, so it had to divert to the southwest, but despite this it was struck by lightning, suffering serious damage.

Due to this, several parts of the ship fell to the ground, but the saucer managed to stay in flight for a moment and crashed west of Socorro, in the plains of San Agustín. The wreckage fell on the ranch of a rancher identified as William W. Brazel.

It wasn’t until the next morning, while walking over grassy pastures toward his flock of sheep, that he noticed parts of the spacecraft. For its part, the crew fell about 200 kilometers to the west and was discovered by Barney Barnett, a civil engineer who was in the area.

According to Barnett’s account, he only saw the bodies but they were quickly taken away by army trucks. In addition, they closed the area so that no one else entered.

Other versions
In 1991, alien experts Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt published the article UFO Crash at Roswell, in which they said that the event did not occur in the Llanos de San Agustin but a few kilometers away on the Brazel ranch. In addition, four alien bodies were found with the remains of the saucer.

However, there is another version and it is that of Mr. Barnett’s wife, who says that her husband was working about 400 kilometers west of the ranch when the remains were found. In order for Randle and Schimit’s version to take hold, they commented that the lady was lying and that she had made up the story.

The following year, in 1992, other experts, Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner, published an investigation entitled Crash at Corona, in which they mentioned that two ships crashed: one in the Llanos de Agustín and the other in Roswell, in addition to the fact that they had found a living alien.

This version was based on the story of General Anderson, who was five years old at the time and said that they found the remains before Barnett. Curiously, when he spoke about the subject, his relatives appeared dead. The why is unknown.

To be the most complicated story, in 1993, Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt published a book disproving what has been said so far. They discovered that the accident occurred two days later, on July 4, 1947.

They also claimed that the wreckage and its occupants were found not at the Brazel Ranch but 50 kilometers to the south, near Roswell. This version was based on eyewitnesses and different documents.

The true story?
In mid-1994, the Fund For UFO Research (FUFOR) organization, which is a UFO research group, published a 189-page book called ‘Roswell In Perspective’ written by expert Karl Pflock.

Here it was stated that the United States Army had said that the remains were from a large balloon from the Mogul project, whose high-precision sensor was capable of detecting the shock waves produced by the explosions and that it was made in order to find Russian atomic bomb explosions. As it was secret, the truth of the event was never revealed.