Pentagon seeks to understand origins of UFOs, says American authority;

Not last year, a report was published that cites the observation of more than 140 unidentified flying objects. The focus of conversation is air security in the United States.

The US Armed Forces are committed to determining the origins of “unidentified aerial phenomena”, said a high-ranking official of the American government this week (17) .

Ronald Moultrie, US Undersecretary of Defense for intelligence and security, told the American Congress that the so-called UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena – represent “potential risks.” See above VIDEOS shown during his presentation.

“We know that our military will encounter unidentified aerial phenomena and, as the UAPs represent potential air and general security risks, we are committed to a concentrated effort to determine their origins,” said Moultrie.

American Congress will hold a meeting on cases of UFO sightings disclosed by the Pentagon
As the existence of UFOs happened to be taken more seriously by the United States
Moultrie participated alongside Scott Bray, who is the deputy director of naval intelligence for the US Defense Intelligence Subcommittee for the Chamber of Deputies.

The hearing took place 11 months after a report documenting more than 140 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena that military pilots reported observing since 2004.

The American authorities have given importance to this issue as something sensitive for the security of the United States.

One of two fears, even, is that these objects are actually from some country that rivals the US militarily, such as China and Russia.

Or what did he show or report?
Two 140 reported cases, 18 reports are of “uncommon patterns of movement or of voo characteristics”.

It can mean, for example, objects that appear flying without any type of propulsion or with speeds above the technological capabilities currently found.

No report, the American authorities explain that there are 5 possible explanations for phenomena related to UFOs. Second or text, when the answers for the reported cases were found, they fell into one of the categories listed below:

Scattered objects are not — they can be birds, balloons or even plastic bags that deceive radars
Natural atmospheric phenomena — crystals of ice, steam or thermal fluctuations that end up captured by infravermelhos equipment
Technologies in development — includes still confidential systems developed by the government or by American companies
Adversary foreign systems — technologies developed in countries such as Russia and China, cited nominally by the United States

Others — second or American government, some phenomena related to UFOs need new scientific knowledge to be analyzed, with new technologies. For this reason, it would not be included in the other categories, at this time

The most popular term UFOs have been widely associated with the notion of alien spacecraft, which has not been used in recent conversations – we prefer the term UAP.

This is because the focus would be on possible implications for national security and aviation security in the US.

The story, however, included some previously revealed UAPs in video images released by the Pentagon of non-ar enigmatic objects.

The recordings show that they exhibit speeds and maneuverability that exceed known aviation technology and without visible propulsion or flight control surfaces.