Connectivity promised by Musk to Bolsonaro will be important for remote regions and agribusiness, says specialist

During a meeting with Elon Musk, the president of Brazil, he stated that he would partner with Starlink to provide internet connection to 19,000 Brazilian rural schools and help monitor the Amazon

After President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) met with billionaire Elon Musk, who announced his partnership to trace connectivity for 19,000 Brazilian schools and to help monitor the Amazon, several questions arose about how this connection should occur in the country.

Musk’s strategy in positioning this network of satellites, called suborbitals, as shown in the report, is located at 550 km high, making it possible to take the internet to any point on Earth instantly. Here in Brazil, in remote regions and also for agribusiness, it would be very important to have this type of connectivity.

Igreja highlighted that Starlink is already present in Brazil and that taking the connection to remote places is important.

“These technologies are complementary. [We find] where to spend no time for a problem, or better custo-benefit possibly is the internet wired. Now, for long-distance places, between not having the internet and having a possibility like Starlink, it is much better to have this partnership that Elon Musk is offering”, he says.

On Sexta-Feira (20), Bolsonaro affirmed that in partnership with Starlink, which intends to provide internet connection to 19,000 Brazilian rural schools and an environmental monitor in the Amazon, he will help in combating the dismantling and burning in the region.

“We are going to show that the Amazon is preserved. There are niches for burning and irregular weeding. But this participation of it with its satellites will help preserve it”, declared Bolsonaro.