Chinese astronomers say they may have detected signs of an alien civilization, but it’s probably a false alarm

The search for extraterrestrial life continues its usual course, with international agencies involved in the matter. Although now, unlike what the popular culture of the 80s spread, the aliens are no longer green beings, but radio signals.

The giant Sky Eye telescope in China is one of the most active in this regard in recent years. In September 2020, the search for alien life officially opened.

In that same year, Sky Eye, which has a diameter of 500 meters, came across 2 groups of very suspicious signals while analyzing the data that had been collected during 2019. This year, the signal found has been the result of an investigation about exoplanets.

According to a report by the Chinese state media Science and Technology Daily, China may now have found obvious signs of alien life in these signals. Although the same report – consulted by Business Insider Spain in this link from the account of that same medium on the WeChat social network – has been removed from the internet.

In said report, Zhang Tonjie, chief scientist of a team searching for extraterrestrial civilizations from Peking University, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of California (United States), is quoted.

According to him, various narrowband electromagnetic signals have been identified thanks to Sky Eye, although they are different from the previous ones, which require a more detailed study.

“The possibility that the suspected signal is some kind of radio interference is also very high, and needs to be further confirmed and ruled out. This can be a lengthy process,” he explained. “We will repeat the observation of suspicious signals that have been discovered to identify and detect new ones.”

At the moment it is unknown why the Chinese media has deleted the publication, although the content could have been downloaded by other means before its complete disappearance.

However, as was said at the beginning, China is not the only country that seeks to find life beyond Earth. The United States, specifically NASA, also has its project.

Thus, the United States space agency is preparing a letter to send to the outside universe, just in case some intelligent being occurs to reply. Of course, until within 25,000 years the message will not reach any interesting place.

Unlike NASA, Anders Sandberg, a researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford, has already described this message as risky, since the alien civilization that receives it could hypothetically be a top predator.

One way or another, at the moment there are no signs that prove the existence of alien life. Just the remains of a report that talks about “possible finds” and that has mysteriously disappeared without a trace.