Teleportation becomes a reality: Scientists make Star Trek dreams come true

A team of researchers announced that they have successfully demonstrated image teleportation using quantum transmission, where no information is physically transferred between sender and receiver. This breakthrough is a step toward building quantum networks for highly entangled states, comparable to Star Trek’s teleportation. Lead researcher Professor Andrew Forbes from Wits University said: “Traditionally, two parties physically transmit information to each other, even in the quantum world. Nowadays, it is possible to teleport information so that it does not physically travel across a connection. Yes, it’s possible. This is Star Trek’s technology made real.

Researchers used laser optics, allowing them to transmit information without physically transmitting it. Key to the progress of the study, published in the journal Nature Communications, is the use of nonlinear optical detectors that avoid the need for additional entangled photons. The team also said that their approach spans up to 15 data dimensions and is scalable to many more, “paving the way to building quantum network connections with high information capacity.”

However, this technology also has drawbacks. For example, you may be able to clone the original information. Dr. Adam Valles from ICFO (Barcelona), one of the leaders of the project, said: “This configuration does not prevent the sender from making an exact copy of the information, so caution is advised. “This will result in many clones,” he warns. “You can,” said Mr. Spock if Scotty wanted. However, Valles emphasizes that using the current configuration he can create a secure quantum communication channel between two parties. Researchers believe their method is the closest thing to his sci-fi teleportation technique they’ve ever seen. With improved design, teleporting entire images or even people could become a reality.