Scientists have determined the shape of space

Credit: Three possible geometries of space: spherical, saddle, and flat. (Credit: NASA / WMAP Science Team)

According to scientists, the shape of the universe is essential to understand whether the Universe will continue to expand indefinitely or, conversely, whether it will begin to return to its original state in the future. There are currently three main theories about the shape of the Universe, which suggest it may be flat, hyperbolic or spherical. Furthermore, only the first two forms are infinite, while the spherical Universe must be finite. However, the latest research by astronomers shows that space is flat. However, scientists realized that no measurements made with existing equipment could be truly accurate. This means that the Universe could have any shape, but because only a small part of it can be studied, we treat space as flat, simply not seeing the possible curvatures. availability of space due to limitations of modern research methods.