Researchers have found the remains of the Barbenheimer star – it damaged the known laws of material science when it detonated

A group of astronomers at the University of Chicago has discovered the remains of a supernova explosion in our galaxy that violated the known laws of physics. It was an ancient star that was born in ancient times. It was supposed to end its life in a black hole, but it was scattered throughout the universe due to a supernova explosion. Scientists named this unknown star “Barbenheimer” and perpetuated the popular meme. Just as it is impossible to combine the stories told in the movies Barbie and Oppenheimer, Babenheimer’s star is made up of a series of impossible states. It must be emphasized that Barbenheimer exploded a long time ago. Scientists learned about its existence and end-of-life effects through indirect observation and modeling. Experienced detectives unravel the details of the crime based on the traces left at the crime scene. Barbenheimer’s remains were discovered within the spectrum of star J0931+0038. This is a relatively low-mass red giant star that was discovered in the halo of our galaxy (not at the level of the Milky Way, but much higher up).

The chemical composition of J0931+0038 turned out to be so strange that scientists had to simulate the conditions for its formation. The most likely situation was that star J0931 + 0038 arose from a cloud of interstellar gas with an unexpected chemical elemental composition. According to calculations, J0931+0038’s ancestor should have been a giant ancient star with a mass between 50 and 80 times the mass of the Sun. The paradox is that stars of similar mass collapse into black holes, and the cloud of material synthesized deep within them does not spread around them. If Babenheimer existed, nearly all of the material synthesized there would have to be compressed into a black hole. However, it shed its shell and became a real supernova, and over time became the cradle for the birth of the star J0931 + 0038. Scientists have still managed to explain some facts of the observed phenomenon, but overall it represents a mystery that still needs to be solved.