Photos of huge asteroid 1994 PC1. It passed Earth safely January 18

Here’s an image of asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 during a flyby of Earth in 1997. The space rock appears as a trail due to its very fast apparent motion. Image via Sormano Astronomical Observatory in Italy.

The asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1, considered potentially dangerous by NASA, will be passing close to Earth , although it poses no threat. In this note we tell you what you should know about the closest approach of this space rock; the approach of (7482) 1994 PC1 will be the closest it will experience for at least the next two centuries in its journey around the Sun. In addition, its transit can be appreciated even with domestic telescopes in a clear sky.

When and at what time can the asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 be seen?
The asteroid will pass its closest point to Earth on January 18, 2022 at 21:51 UTC. At that time, it will be located 1.98 million kilometers from the blue planet and will be traveling at 19.56 km / s

Due to its rapid speed, it can be seen as a point of light similar to a star that passes in front of others during the course of the night.

The rocky body will shine at magnitude 10, a measurement that makes it visible with home telescopes in a clear, dark sky.

Is the asteroid dangerous for Earth?
According to NASA, the asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 is potentially dangerous due to its size (more than a kilometer wide) and its orbit that sometimes brings it closer to Earth (less than 0.05 astronomical units).

However, the distance at which it will be this January 18 and 19 is considered safe for the planet, since it represents a little more than five times our distance from the Moon.

How to see the asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1?
The asteroid will be able to be seen with the help of medium-sized telescopes that have a diameter between 100mm and 150mm. The object will appear between the constellations of Cetus, Pisces, Andromeda and Cassiopeia.