How will our Sun collapse?

Our Sun is a main sequence star, which is a type of star that is in a stable state of fusion and will continue to do so for the next 5 billion years. However, the time will eventually come when the hydrogen fuel that powers the fusion reactions of our Sun runs out. When this happens, the Sun will begin to collapse under its own gravity, resulting in a dramatic increase in its temperature and density. As it continues to collapse, the Sun will become a red giant, then a white dwarf, and eventually a black dwarf.

Will our sun destroy Earth?

According to a new study, the Sun will destroy Earth, Mercury, and Venus five billion years from now when it dies . The exact outcome of the destruction will depend on the planet’s size and the Sun’s current stage of life. Every day, the sun’s stellar wind clashes with Earth’s magnetic field, but so far, Earth has been able to keep the wind at bay . However, over the next 5 billion years, the wind will become so powerful that it will erode Earth’s magnetic shield down to nothing, destroying any life on the planet . As the sun’s outer atmosphere expands, it will blaze through every planet in its path and almost certainly obliterate Mercury and Venus . If Earth does manage to survive, it will be left in a solar system that’s very different from how it is today .