This image shows the SLIM lander and part of the lunar landscape. Space agency JAXA has shared information about the legendary spacecraft SLIM. On January 19, 2024, Japan was granted the status of the fifth “Moon Power.” SLIM landed on the surface of Earth’s satellite, but problems were inevitable. The solar panel broke within hours. The device has been switched off with minimal energy reserve. The fate of the conquerors of the moon is as follows. If the battery can be saturated with sunlight next month, an attempt will be made to restart the module. The module is “resurrected”. In the meantime, SLIM will go into hibernation. ScienceAlert writes about it. News about Japan’s development doesn’t stop there. JAXA experts also shared a frame showing SLIM (pictured above). His photo was taken by his LEV-2 robot, one of his module companions.

In addition to the landing module, two robots landed on the moon. LEV-1 is a moonjumper equipped with a camera, thermometer, radiation monitor, and inclinometer. LEV-2 is a small lunar rover weighing 250 grams, jointly developed by Sony and toy manufacturer Takara Tomy. The Japanese have a history of failing to conquer Earth’s satellites. In April 2023, the Hakuto-R module landed on the surface of Earth’s satellite, but it proved too difficult. Communication with the device was immediately lost.