This will be the sex of the future (or so they tell us)

What will sex be like in the future?

Sex and technology:, a union that has changed the way of enjoying sex, either individually or with a partner. In fact, if we think about it for a second, we find ourselves in a future of sex that we don’t imagine seeing at this point.

In the midst of the pandemic, sexual video call interactions grew, there are currently sex toys that can be controlled remotely, and some can even buy sex dolls that they can customize, and that have heating and breathing systems to simulate a real person. The future is here.

Even the risks of Virtual Reality porn have already been warned, something that is growing more and more in popularity and that is becoming accessible to more people, and that at one point did not seem possible. And, if we find ourselves in this moment, what is next?

Among the central panorama of the future of sex, there are some predictions that in the future there will be elements such as erotic personality software that can be interacted with, as well as interactive genitalia (of which there are already some on the market), as well as “ sexual substitutes of celebrities” and “dopplegangers of previous lovers”. That is, androids or sex dolls that resemble a famous person or a real person can be purchased.

Erotic Personality Software Downloads

robotic sex gurus

Interactive genitals and artificial skin

Sex dolls enhanced with Artificial Intelligence

Dopplegangers of former lovers

erotic artificial intelligence

android sex robots

therapy sex robots

Open source robot parts

Celebrity Sex Surrogates

Remote sex
What kind of devices will we see so that couples can enjoy sex at a distance, with a realistic experience.

3D printed sex toys

connected pillows

Full body telepresence

long distance kissing devices

Live webcam shows with haptic technology.

transmission of emotions

Pos smartphone controlled sex toys

Open source sexual hardware and software

Social networks with touch interfaces

Connected dildos and sexual sleeves

Virtual sex
What will change in the virtual aspect, with virtual reality environments where we can see each other as we want and have sex from a distance.

sexual avatars

Zoomorphic sex (in the form of animals)

Avatar Sex Workers

live erotic fantasies

Long distance relationships and one day encounters

Cybersex you can feel

neurological interfaces

Online multiplayer sex games

Total immersion with virtual lovers

Interactive 3D worlds

Immersive entertainment
Hologram technologies and how they will mix with the above for unique home fantasies.

Invite your dream partner to your home

follow a story

A sexual holodeck

Immersive VR Taps

mixed sexual realities

Integrated sex devices

Sex with a hologram or a celebrity

Immersive sex education

choose your own adventure