This is what cell phones could look like in 2030

Solar charging, augmented Artificial Intelligence and even holograms could be in each mobile for the service of users.

Talking about the future will always have a huge margin of error and that is because technological advances are changing daily. However, the future of cell phones may have several features that different developers are in the process of perfecting.

Years ago, many believed that some of the capabilities that are now available in smartphones were almost impossible, and from Artificial Intelligence to designs, they are constantly changing. For this reason, some of the features that could arrive in 2030 can be predicted from today.

Moldable designs
Now, folding devices are in trend and despite the fact that this technology had huge setbacks, companies like Samsung and Oppo have already presented some references that have these characteristics.

A folding cell phone can change the way content is consumed and can even begin to replace the role of computers thanks to its portable capacity and also to the versatility in its capabilities to create multimedia content.

Virtual assistants
Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant are tools that can work by voice and perform tasks today, however with the enormous advances that AI now has, these devices could have greater power that can generate their capacity to be much greater. It could even work like the intelligent assistants seen in movies like Iron Man, for example.

Augmented reality
This is a technology that allows some virtual elements to interact with our vision of reality and recently companies like Facebook or Microsoft are betting on technological devices that use these new tools so that it becomes one of the most relevant alternatives in the future. .

As for cell phones, these advances can become a daily particularity so that Internet users can reduce the shortcomings of seeing someone only through a screen.

Solar charging and in less time
Environmental awareness can generate several changes in technology and if a person is going to use one of these technological devices on a daily basis, he must think about battery consumption. Now, several cell phones come with fast chargers so they can be back to 100% power in a matter of minutes.

However, this could change, generating some solar panels inside the devices to use the solar energy inside the cell phones, thus creating a new way of charging them that is eco-friendly and according to the needs of the users.

This technology already exists for various devices, but it is not yet popular among users since cell phones have not focused on this tool.

However, in a few years it may be one of the key and most futuristic features that mobile devices will come with in the future. Thus, users could start carrying out various actions from other surfaces or even from the air just by having contact with the hologram.

Greater resistance
Being used permanently, cell phones are at constant risk of damage, so they must be much more resistant to water, falls and even temperatures. This would generate that the materials in which the cell phones are made can change and become stronger and stronger to keep up with the use that users can give them.

Artificial intelligence
Now AI is inside all the latest generation technological devices and from analysis or prediction capabilities to voice control, Machine Learning is present so that technology is constantly advancing.

For this reason, AI could become the common thread of all the aforementioned features so that cell phones in the future are better and better and prepare for the changes that come to the digital world.