Jupiter is at its closest to Earth in 59 years, NASA says

Jupiter, the most massive planet in the solar system, will make its closest approach to Earth in the past 59 years, giving observers “excellent views,” NASA says, when it reaches opposition.

This moment occurs, seen from Earth, when an astronomical object rises in the east while the Sun sets in the west, placing the elements in question on opposite sides of our planet, an event that will take place throughout the night of Monday 26 of September.

Jupiter’s opposition occurs every 13 months, making the planet appear larger and brighter than at any other time of the year. However, now there is another additional situation, and it is that it coincides that the planet will also make its closest approach to Earth since 1936, almost six decades.

This happens because the Earth and Jupiter do not go around the Sun in perfect circles, so both planets pass each other at different distances throughout the year and the approach of the two objects rarely coincides in their opposition.