A metallic sphere, dubbed as an ‘UFO sighting’, caught on camera in Iraq in 2016

The image was obtained by Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp. (Image: @jeremycorbell/Instagram)

The British newspaper Daily Mail reported the image of a non-flying object metallic-looking identification that was captured flying over the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2016, as captured by a US spy plane and whose image had remained classified until now world regarding the UFO phenomenon in May 2021.

According to the description made by the government authorities, the object flown
unidentified man appeared to have a shiny metal cover, in addition to his flight patterns suggested that it was a guided vehicle.
The image is the first in which one of these sightings is captured on a city in war conflict. This event alerted the military authorities of that country before the risk that could represent for pilots and troops

The image itself is not classified, although the video from which it originated was part of
an information report made by the US Pentagon office in charge of the detection of unidentified aerial phenomena, a unit focused on investigating these kinds of incidents. Today, said force has been modified by the Defense Department.
The image was obtained by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, who released during their most recent podcast, “Weaponized.” According to the description included in the original report, the UFO moved from south to north, without giving the appearance of descending or ascending at any time.
The plane that made the shot, DGS-1, used sensors that captured in infrared and under other parameters. The officers who reported the sighting they hold the theory that the “orb” seemed to be under intelligent control. The material was originally shipped to the Langley Eustis airbase in Virginia, where was studied by the command center of the United States.

Despite the fact that it was analyzed with the highest technology to detect images and
electronic signals for six years, intelligence experts from that country they could not explain its origin or purpose.