5 disturbing sci-fi and horror movies to watch on Amazon

When the horror genre meets the science fiction genre, wonderful movies can appear that have the ability to haunt you for days. Two factors come together. On the one hand, that strange and unknown universe that ‘sci-fi’ films usually present and that helps to give rise to a certain feeling of uneasiness. If we also add the element of fear that permeates the entire story, the result is a film that is difficult to forget.

If you like this type of film, you can’t ignore the Amazon Prime Video catalog. The streaming platform has a large number of titles to star in your nightmares. As we know that we all go with some lack of time, here we recommend 6 disturbing science fiction and horror movies that you should not miss.

From superhero films -although the term ‘antihero’ fits better in them- to more humble but no less impressive productions and reinventions of classics that will surprise you. Choose the one you like.


We all know, in this way or that, the story of The Invisible Man, that classic figure of the horror genre that emerged from the novel by H. G. Wells that has given rise to many adaptations. Few were as successful for its time as this one by Leigh Whannell, with the same title The Invisible Man, which was released in February 2020. Its arrival in theaters occurred a few weeks before the outbreak of the pandemic, which undoubtedly played a role in its against. Fortunately, Amazon rescues it for its catalog and makes it available to all subscribers who do not want to miss out on this wonder.

It focuses on Cecilia -great Elisabeth Moss, as always-, a woman abused by her husband, the millionaire and brilliant scientist Adrian Griffin. When he commits suicide, Cecilia inherits her great fortune. The only requirement of her is that she not be declared mentally incompetent. It seems easy, but you can imagine that she begins to be stalked by a strange presence that she cannot see.


For fans of making their own theories after seeing a movie, there is The Infinite -The Endless in its original version-, a horror, science fiction, mystery and suspense film with a very original premise and many questions to be answered.

At the center of the plot are two brothers – played by the directors themselves, Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson – who decide to return to the sect they speculated on a decade ago to heal old wounds. There they encounter paranormal events that will force them to stay in that strange community. Its members prepare for a mysterious event that could change everything. A fascinating plot that will not leave you alone.

‘THE SON’ (2019)

The son takes a tour of superhero movies as many have been asking for. Why does everyone who receives a special gift decide to use it for good? In the film directed by David Yarovesky, a boy arrives on Earth from another world. As he grows up he begins to develop special abilities and rage grows within him.

The film is far from the responsibility of great power, of justice, of doing good… Here what we find is a boy whose true self is revealed in the worst possible way and gives rise to a film full of violence and blood . It’s an idea that they explore in The Boys, an Amazon series, in case you like this topic and haven’t given it a try yet.


Set in 1950s New Mexico, The Vast of Night introduces Fay and Everett, two radio station buddies who find a very strange frequency where someone is screaming for help. This discovery will change the life of the quiet town, which will turn to find out what is on the other side.

A very entertaining science fiction story that received great praise from critics after its release in May 2020. Much of the comments were directed at its director, Andrew Patterson, who has attracted everyone’s attention in his film debut. Many wonder what his next projects will be.


A list of disturbing science fiction movies would not be complete without Coherence, which always works as a recommendation. Director James Ward Byrkit gave birth to this renowned science fiction film in 2013 and it attracted all eyes. It focuses on a group of friends who meet for dinner while waiting expectantly for the arrival of a comet. It is better to see it without knowing what happens, so we can read until here.

Behind the film there is a cinematographic experiment that led Byrkit to record with a very limited budget, using his own house as a location and without a script. The magic arose thanks to a group of improvisational actors who received the basic information to start working. Coherence is the perfect example of how to make movies with a solid premise and nothing more.