NASA invites us to take our name to the Moon on the Artemis mission.

NASA has been preparing the Artemis Program for some time. The goal of this ambitious initiative is to return man to the Moon – yes, we’ve already been there – and even establish a long-term presence there.

It will be very difficult for us to participate in person in this project, but NASA offers us an innocuous and even nice option: it will not take us, but anyone can register their name to include it on a flash drive that will travel on the spacecraft Orion.

The Artemis I mission will be a first step towards that ambitious goal of getting humans to set foot on the Moon again, but this initial mission will not have a crew on board, but rather will serve to evaluate both the rocket and the Orion spacecraft that will be part core of the program.

NASA has decided that although there is no crew, we can be on that trip in a curious way: those who want can register their name in a small web form.

This will allow that name to be added to many others that will be saved on a USB memory key. That flash drive will travel on the Orion ship, so in a certain way our name will indeed be traveling into space and going around the Moon a few times.

In the form we can enter name and surname, as well as a PIN code that “you will need to access your boarding pass in the future”. We assume that the PIN is a mechanism to authenticate that we are indeed that person who is registered in the USB key.

The mission will have a total duration of between 26 and 42 days from launch, but what we do not know is when it will take place. What is certain is that several problems are delaying the progress of the mission, which was estimated to begin planning these launches in 2025.